Friday, 6 May 2016

2. Initiative

Initiative means to making a new plan or process to solve your own problems. Its to working for development of a new idea. For example, an entrepreneur always has new ideas and something to give as a way to further expand its product, especially at the international level.


COMPANY: The Gucci Company

From modest beginning at the end of the 19th century, the Gucci Company became one the world’s most successful manufactures of high end the leather goods. Clothing and other fashions products. As an immigrant in Paris and then London, working in exclusive hotels, young Guccio Gucci (1881 – 1953) was impressed with the luxurious luggage he saw sophisticated guests bring with them. He was established a shop in 1920 that sold find leather goods with classic styling.
Although Gucci organized his workrooms for industrial method of production, he maintained traditional aspect of fabrication. Together with his sons, he opened up more store to serve other clients around Europe. With its excellent reputation Gucci is frequently copied by other manufactures but what make Gucci product distinct from others is its high-price exclusive goods.
Gucci wanted preserve the uniqueness and originality of his product so he had hired skilled works who manually craft the leather goods. Though he has machine to support his construction and production, he made sure that the product are of best quality.
Inside the trunk was a full set of Gucci luggage. He having the strong support of Dominico De Sole, ford wished to maintain a sense of the company’s history while updating Gucci’s trademark. Ford and De Sole struggle to restore the former reputation of Gucci while redirecting the growing brand to a new level for market of the late 1990’s.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016



1. Integrity and Reliability

What is the important thing you need to have to be a good entrepreneur? Money? Nay! It is to have an integrity. Integrity is to have the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles you are refuse to change it even how hard people trying to influenced you to change your decision. Who knows by having this, the community will put their trust and believe in you. Integrity also having a good value and honesty in running over a business.  Reliability is to be depending on. It is for the entrepreneur accuracy, honesty and also their achievement. An entrepreneur must have a good ethics where they can produces something useful to the consumer out there. You have the characteristic all above? you might stand a chance to turn yourself to became the next entrepreneurs. We guess so, aren't we?

COMPANY: The Honest Company

It just not any co-founded by a glamorous movie star. Actress Jessica Alba start a web-based company by sell a non toxic diaper  and other baby products. When Jessica was pregnant with her first child, she became more aware of how many of product babies’ sales in the market have a toxic chemical. It’s a company with a social and environmental mission as it main score. They quite consciously wanted to start a business with non-financial goals but to help community to have a better product. They hope this product is safe to used and will not bring any harm to the child.

As a good entrepreneur, their company will used a natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable and pure raw material. Their company used a renewable energy source to provide their electricity. They also used a code of conduct for supplier to make sure they follow the human right, environmental and a documentation standard.  As a responsible and have a high consciousness person, she was ambitious to encourage the consumer to buy a healthy products for their babies and change their habit and have a healthy life by eating a healthy and organic foods.

Sunday, 24 April 2016



What is entrepreneur?
What it is stand for? Did you know entrepreneur is one of the vital elements towards the economy society. The word entrepreneur comes from the french word "entreprendre" which means to undertake, and from business point of view entrepreneur means to start a business. 

What did they do?
Entrepreneur as a creator to new business, willingly encounters own certainly situation, in search profit and growth through the identification of opportunities by providing the necessary of transform the idea or opportunity into suitable profitable business activities.

What the characteristic they need have to?
The characteristic of entrepreneur are integrity and reliability, initiative, versatility, decisive, time of competence, the ability to learn from mistake, ethical consciousness and foresight. 

Friday, 25 March 2016


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